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We are Shawnee’s premiere media company, and we love telling people’s stories. 

It all started back in college when me (Brandon Handy) and Jesse Monday became friends and started filming some music videos for our band. From there, we started filming other people’s music videos, our own skits, and eventually commercials. What started as a passion for storytelling and documenting the things we love most turned into a business–and we’re still just as passionate about it. 

Today, we spend most of our time filming promotional videos for the City of Shawnee, local businesses, and nonprofits.  The best part of our job is getting to build relationships with people from all over our community. Since we’ve started the business, we’ve felt more connected to our neighbors than ever before! 

If you’ve got a story (and you do), we’d love to hear it. Drop us a message on the contact page, and let’s make some magic. 

Can’t wait to hear from you, 

Brandon and Jesse 

Community Partners
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Ready to write the next chapter in our story? 

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